Talent as a Service

Talent as a Service (TaaS) is a cost-effective and high-resource alternative for internal recruitment process of a business that is turned into a streamlined and well-managed outsourcing process, taking the stress off internal hiring managers and HR. You can improve your recruitment process with Tekboox!

Taas gratifies changing demands quite well. It is an all-in-one delivery of highly-qualified, on-demand expertise delivered through a protected, cloud-based platform that helps companies reduce costs and increase competence through a virtual workforce.

While not a one-to-one replacement for the physical jobs that are performed today, business process outsourcing is proving to be highly efficient, flexible and achievable.

What sets us apart?

Hiring in the Digital Age

Using social media and talent acquisition programs as innovative tools to get connected with high-technology-fliers.

Recruiting Process

From finding the right candidates to completing technical skill assessments and behavioral interviews, we work as your virtual talent function.

High Employee Retention

Happy employees are productive employees.  Taking care of our employees is very important to us therefore we make sure we comfort them in every way.

Network of Resources

Building relationships with technologists helps us grow our network of qualified professionals nationally and internationally.

Our Clients, Our Priority

Understanding clients’ needs and their company’s culture helps us recruit talent that fits.

Innovation- a Business Challenge

Recognizing that innovation is a challenge nowadays, we hope to create long-term value and success for our clients.