Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a straightforward marketing strategy, directly approaching customers in their inboxes. It gives maximum ROI to your business by increasing customer engagement through email. Tekboox has a separate team of email marketers that works around the clock to get maximum potential customers for your business.

Email Marketing Services

Less Effort, Productive Outcomes

Email marketing enables your marketing and sales teams to approach prospects more efficiently and generate more leads. In business, the best decision is to incorporate email marketing into your marketing strategy. It will allow you to interact with thousands of active users. In addition, Tekboox’s email marketing services facilitate all-sized enterprises to grow faster, smarter and quicker.

Today, more than ever, people are using email for everyday communications. Moreover, your business can only afford to run seamlessly by utilizing the potential of email marketing. Goal-centric email campaigns reach the targeted and desired audience at the right time. All these efforts eventually lead to more opportunities and improve your business sales.

Email Marketing Services - Tekboox
Outsource Email Marketing

Outsource Email Marketing

Outsourcing Email Marketing is the best choice for businesses because it will be an efficient and affordable service that gives you the desired output. While recruiting a full-fledged team for email marketing would be expensive, and you will not be sure how efficiently this team will work.

Before investing in email marketing services, you need to be more vigilant. Because it takes more work to find a company that can fulfill your firm’s requirements. So, hire an agency with experience in customer satisfaction and a talented team.

Why Choose Tekboox for Email Marketing?

Maximum ROI

Undoubtedly, Email lead generation makes money for businesses and gives maximum return on investment. For example, a recent search shows $1 spent on email marketing gives $36.

High Open Rate

After implementing proven techniques and styles, we pioneered email marketing and produced a high open rate on every email marketing campaign.

Engaging Email Content

Content is king. Relevant content and taglines persuade customers. We follow the best practices to improve engagement and make your customers read complete content.

Targeted Email List

Our performance-based email marketing services are launched after completing the research and different discussions. So we target the audience that eventually can give a reasonable conversion rate.

Email Segmentation

Before starting the email campaign, we separate contact lists into smaller chunks depending on shared trends and then target each section with a differently styled campaign.

Analytics Reports

The most welcoming part of email marketing, you can track results and see real-time statistics. Then, after a deep in-house discussion, you modify the campaign with content or design.


Less Effort, Productive Outcomes

Reach prospects with agility & accelerate business growth.
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Seamless Services

Seamless Services

Find the best email marketing services and get the desired outcomes quickly. Tekboox takes pride in providing matchless, seamless services for all-sized enterprises at a reasonable cost.

As a developing business, what do businesspeople need? Indeed, more leads, increase in conversion rate, brand awareness, brand recognition, and winning customers’ trust. So get lead generation services from our email marketing experts, who can obtain all the mentioned benefits for enterprises.

Build an Attractive Brand

Accelerate your sales with our inbound marketing services. By using inbound marketing, prospect approaches you in search of the product or service they require, whereas in outbound marketing, you approach your targeted audience. Social Media, SEO, Blogs, and web-based seminars (webinars) are included in inbound marketing.

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Establish Your Business Credibility

We understand that building credibility is key for any small business to succeed. Let us help you create a powerful marketing strategy that establishes trust and brand recognition, so you can compete with the big names in your industry. Contact us today to get started.

Lead Generation Using Email Marketing

Email leads are the credentials acquired through the opt-in form containing the username and email address. Obtaining email leads is not the only aspect of an email lead-generating plan; it also entails nurturing the leads gathered to convert them into paying clients. Lead creation can boost sales and client engagement when done correctly. Lead generation experts at Tekboox then run an email marketing campaign sending promotional messages and product/service details to engage your potential customers.

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