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10 benefits of using Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients

The covid-19 pandemic has driven our world into a constant state of isolation. Governments and businesses have been crippled by the effects this disease has caused. And the highly infectious and contagious nature of this virus has pushed our healthcare systems to the brink of collapse. And after two years of dealing with the pandemic firsthand, doctors and scientists have been left wondering. How can we better prepare ourselves for any pandemics we might face in the future? And one answer to that question is remote patient monitoring. Remote Patient Monitoring allows doctors to treat patients in a virtual setting. A Remote Patient Monitoring device collects data from the patient and shares it with the Doctor. Allowing for more transparency and direct communication between doctors and patients.

While Remote Patient Monitoring offers many benefits to physicians and doctors, the main beneficiary of this technology is the patients. This blog will discuss ten key benefits that RPM offers for the patient. 

1- Reduction in healthcare cost:

The first and obvious benefit that Remote Patient Monitoring offers is reduced costs of care and hospital facilities. In a normal situation, you will have to pay for your stay at the hospital. This stay can include your admission fee, the cost for room utilization, and a few other costs. All of this can be avoided by opting to use an RPM device. RPM keeps your hospital visits to a minimum and still makes sure that you get the best healthcare possible. The only cost will be the RPM device itself, which can also be reimbursed through insurance policies. 



10 benefits of using Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients


2- Easy Access to Healthcare: 

While the number of hospitals and clinics worldwide has increased, it can still be a hassle to commute to and from the hospital. Especially for older adults who have to schedule weekly checkups to ensure their health remains intact. Some older adults live in nursing homes without any loved ones. These people do not have easy access to proper healthcare. 

And a Remote Patient Monitoring device is a perfect solution for that. An RPM device will help people get excellent healthcare even when they don’t have a doctor or hospital access. On top of that, this device can establish a direct line of communication between the Doctor and the patient. They allow the Doctor to collect real-time data from the patient and make decisions accordingly.

3- Puts the Patient in Control: 

When in a hospital, patients tend not to take ownership of their condition and depend entirely on the hospital staff. And when patients suffer from more than one chronic disease, they can lose track of their situation when they are at home. An RPM device will provide condition-specific data to the patient. In this way, the patient will know what his body is going through and what steps he must take to improve. An RPM system will also give random instructions to the patient regarding his condition so that the patient doesn’t have to contact his Doctor after every minor inconvenience. A remote patient monitoring device allows the patient to understand his state and make well-informed decisions. 

4- Better patient satisfaction: 

A considerable part of Remote patient monitoring’s success is that it keeps patients where they want to be. The stress that comes with a stay at the hospital can put a lot of burden on the patient. This stress is taken care of when a patient gets better through the treatment he receives in his own home. An RPM device also allows the patient to participate in his treatment. All the instructions and alerts that the RPM device sends depend on the patient’s execution. And as a patient starts to get better by following these instructions, the satisfaction level can be very high. With the most important thing is that this treatment takes place at the patient’s own home. 

5- Improved Clinical Outcomes: 

Remote Patient monitoring has improved the quality of care that patients get. The Doctor has complete access to a patient’s real-time data with RPM. The Doctor can make better and more informed decisions by monitoring every second of how the patient’s symptoms change. The Doctor can instantly identify any abnormality and make a potentially life-saving decision. If a particular medicine is not improving the patients’ health, the Doctor can change the patient’s prescription to something that works. All the real-time data from the RPM device helps the Doctor make these decisions. 

10 benefits of using Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients

6- Safety from Covid-19: 

We live in very uncertain times, and the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to continue their work from home. One sector of the world that doesn’t have the luxury to do that is healthcare. Taking healthcare to the patients’ homes wasn’t reliable until Remote Patient Monitoring. RPM devices have allowed patients to be treated from their homes. They are removing the fear of contracting Covid-19. The most common way of acquiring Covid-19 is by physically contacting someone who already has the virus. This spread of Covid-19 has made Human interactions very risky. With RPM, patients can interact with their doctors and physicians in a virtual setting without any risks of contracting Covid-19. 

7- Stronger relationship with the Doctor: 

A strong relationship between the Doctor and patient is paramount to ensure that the patient is always comfortable and satisfied. But that is not always possible with the limited interactions during hospital visits. Remote Patient Monitoring develops a constant communication link between the Doctor and the client. And it allows them to interact and discuss the patient’s condition and symptoms. It can give a feeling of comfort to the patient that their Doctor is always watching and monitoring their progress. A better relationship can help the patient trust their Doctor a lot more. And that can go a long way in making the treatment successful for both the patient and the Doctor. 

8- Fewer Hospital Visits: 

Hospitals and clinics are of paramount importance to our world. But it won’t be wrong to say that they can sometimes offer a grim and sadistic environment. And that is not very helpful for a patient who is already suffering from a disease. Sometimes the only thing that a person might need to get better is the feeling of comfort and safety. And Remote Patient Monitoring allows this luxury to the person combined with the best possible healthcare services. RPM devices are eliminating the hassle of going to the hospital every now and then. RPM also removes the cost of going to and staying at the hospital. 

9- No Staff Shortages: 

Another problem that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused is the hospital staff shortages. With patients coming in non-stop, the healthcare system has taken a hit. And a lot of times, patients are left with no one that can tend to them. Remote Patient Monitoring removes some of that burden and gives the staff some breathing room. Ultimately, this means that every patient will have a dedicated and well-rested team that can look after them. 

And with enough staff available in the hospitals, more critical patients can also get the care they need.

10- Learning about the disease:

As the old saying goes, knowing the enemy is half the battle. The same can be said about your disease and your treatment if the patient has enough knowledge about the kind of condition. This helps patients’ take preventive measures to make sure that their health gets better over time. 

Remote patient monitoring can help the patient understand their disease better. An RPM device draws consistent data from the patient. And this data gives the patient a thorough idea of what treatment may or may not work for their condition—allowing the patient and their Doctor to alter their approach accordingly in the future.


10 benefits of using Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients


There is a long list of benefits that a Remote Patient Monitoring device offers. And this list will continue to grow as time goes on.  

Tekboox’s efficient Remote patient monitoring device offers all these benefits to the patient. This device also comes with all the latest technologies and features that one will need to get premium healthcare at their own home.  

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